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Three Videos, Three Concepts to Revolutionize Your Brand

The video has become the center of the content. The massification of Internet access and the increasing use of smartphones and tablets have made this tool recurring in the Marketing Plan of companies since any audience of any age group consumes this type of content.

The plurality of options within this concept is notorious and so we have selected three types of video that could be the key to increasing your sales.



Promotional Videos

The promotional video establishes, several times, the first contact between the brand and the customer, being an effective and innovative means of communication that allows to increase brand awareness, establishing a channel of interaction and involvement with the target audience.

This tool should be designed according to a well-defined purpose, it must be supported by a key idea, be it to present the company, launch a new product or report on a certain event. Thus, it will highlight your company in the market sector where it operates, valuing the inherent corporate culture.





For many brands this may be the first experience, based on great efficiency, while promoting the product or service concerned.

This type of video clarifies “how it works,” detailing step-by-step what you should do to get the most out of the product.

In the background, you can literally see how you can autonomously perform tasks without the help of professionals or associated costs, thus functioning not only in the after-sales service, but also able to win new customers through the interactivity that promotes the willingness to experience what is being promoted.



Videos with Testimonials / Success Stories


Presenting a product or service in a practical context and demonstrating the company’s ability to achieve and even exceed customer expectations, enhances the credibility and confidence that the brand intends to convey, thereby enhancing sales.

This concept typically includes the problem that customers faced before the product or service was purchased, the factors influencing their decision, and the quality and effectiveness of the end result.